• 2 in 1 app

    Specifics is an exciting innovative solution for managing your busy schedule. It combines Task Manager and Note Taker in one app. Each task you add is a sheet of paper for handwritten notes.

  • Clean and stylish

    Specifics has a clean and stylish interface for fast and simple adding and managing the tasks. Everything is obvious and right before your eyes, so you will never miss an important thing to do!

  • Smart groups

    Specifics sorts and displays your tasks as two separate types: by date or by group. If you decide to change the group or due time for a task, you can simply move it with your finger.


  • Task visualization by date and by groups
    • Work
  • Beatiful handiwriting font and e-ink technology
    • Personal

  • 6 original colors for handwriting and drawing
    • Handwriting
  • Clear and polished interface
    • Interface

  • Unlimited number of task
    • Task
  • Your tasks in unlimited number of groups
    • Groups

  • Optimized for Retina display
    • Retina
  • iPhone version is available now!
    • iPhone

Sync your Specifics notes with your Evernote account